The Currimjee Group

A  few years after his arrival in Mauritius, Currimjee Jeewanjee set up what was to become Currimjee Jeewanjee & Co Ltd (CJ) in 1890. The company established itself as a commodity trader before management decided to diversify into manufacturing, marketing and distribution in the 1950s and 1960s and into services and  technology in the closing decades of the 20th century. The Group is nowadays one of the leading and most innovative business organisations in Mauritius.

The Group is headed by Currimjee Limited (CL), the apex organisation that offers a range of management and professional services to the different operating units. The CL board is the ultimate board of the Group and has led what was formerly a family-owned and managed enterprise into an innovative and sophisticated business organisation at the cutting edge of modern technology, characterised by creative management and entrepreneurial flair, while still adhering to the core values of its founders, namely integrity, respect, resourcefulness and adaptability.

Group services include Company Secretary functions, corporate governance and best practice, quality management, organisational effectiveness, stewardship of shareholder interests and communications. CL also ensures that corporate policies are regularly updated, that board structures are responsive to the changing business environment and that the required level of compliance prevails across all business units.

The CL board holds a watching brief over all group businesses and is the forum where all group strategic and major investment policy decisions are made.

The business activities of the Group are organised into six main clusters: Telecommunications, Media & IT, Real Estate, Hospitality & Tourism, Commerce & Financial Services, Energy, and Manufacturing, Marketing & Distribution. The first five clusters are directly managed by Currimjee Jeewanjee & Co Ltd.

The activities of the Manufacturing, Marketing & Distribution cluster, on the other hand, are operated independently of CJ. This cluster is itself divided into two operating units: the Food & Beverages and the Personal Care & Household Products units. The first business in the Food & Beverages unit was Quality Beverages Ltd, a franchisee of Pepsi, launched in 1955, for the bottling, marketing and distribution of Pepsi Cola. The Group's activities in this area now include the bottling of mineral water as well as the manufacture of margarine, the distribution of FMCG and pre-paid mobile telephone cards, and the provision of advertising services. Investment in Personal Care and Household Products was added with the setting up of Soap and Allied Industries Ltd in 1966. This unit has since diversified into household detergents and shampoos, and gels and creams for the local and regional markets.

This cluster-based structure has enabled the Group to expand into different economic sectors both locally and regionally, inspired by the entrepreneurial ethos of its founders and leaders while individual business units retain complete operational autonomy and the ability to focus on and be in close contact with their customers and markets.

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